Someone has told it right that if you hire people then your working hours will get multiplied. So as a busy startup owner , you must have lots of work on a daily basis and to cut down your To-do list you must hire a personal assistant. Virtual personal assistants work remotely, so you dont have to arrange a official set up for them. Virtualhire provide the best VA with releveant indiustrial and work knowledge to assist you better in your work. Our VAs support operational practices and enable you to spend their time productively.

Virtual assistant’s trainings are designed for business growth. They also provide the lexibility to be utilised as and when you need them. This makes them a fantastic resource to support your business growth. Before hiring a virtual assistant, create a long-term plan on how you expect to utilise them to ensure they support you business growth as best they can.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant/Personal assistant from Virtual-Hire, you get the professionals who work with result-driven checklists and to-do lists.

• Calendar management

• Deleting old emails

• Cleaning and sorting inbox

• Managing contact list

• Email marketing tasks

• Setting auto-responders

• Scheduling appointments

• Responding to emails and creating drafts for approval

• Finding and verifying the email addresses of prospects

If you are here, you must be interested to know how to get started with hiring the perfect virtual personal assistant?

We have a few easy steps for you:

• Contact us: We will provide you with one success manager who can assist you with good profiles as per your requirements.

• Select a virtual assistant: You can choose the candidates with the best background for your email needs.

• Hire and onboard: The real productivity begins when you onboard a new virtual assistant into your systems and allow them the freedom to start making changes.