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According to statistics, an average American receives 126 emails per day. When you start your day and plan for the whole day, email managing can take a big part of your time. Emails are also vital for official communication.

Around 86% of business professionals choose emails as their preferred mode. As a busy entrepreneur, you can spend your time in more productive ways. Hiring a personal assistant or virtual assistant to manage your email organising task can help you with daily activities.

But you must be thinking, what will be the tasks for the personal assistant?  So when you hire a Virtual Assistant/Personal assistant from Virtual-Hire, you get the professionals who work with result-driven checklists and to-do lists.

• Calendar management

• Deleting old emails

• Cleaning and sorting inbox

• Managing contact list

• Email marketing tasks 

• Setting auto-responders

• Scheduling appointments 

• Responding to emails and creating drafts for approval

• Finding and verifying the email addresses of prospects

We assure you that hiring an Email Inbox Manager won’t overkill you! Instead, it will give you extra time for other activities and also you will find quality time with your friends and family.

How to find the perfect fit?  

If you are here, you must be interested to know how to get started with hiring the perfect virtual assistant?

We have a few easy steps for you:

• Contact us: We will provide you with one success manager who can assist you with good profiles as per your requirements.

• Select a virtual assistant: You can choose the candidates with the best background for your email needs.

• Hire and onboard: The real productivity begins when you onboard a new virtual assistant into your systems and allow them the freedom to start making changes.

Benefit of hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant:  

• Never miss important emails and meetings

• Save your time and energy

• Respond to the emails faster than before

• Manage and update contact lists

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Personal Assistant